Fedora 7 on Dell Inspiron 700m

Wifi works out of the box, but you need to enable NetworkManager from the services to make it configurable.

Resolution was 1024×768. To get the wide screen I had to to install 915resolution (yum install 915resolution) and edit /etc/sysconfig/915resolution with the

RESOLUTION=”7e 1280 800″

Also my xorg.conf if you want it.

Hibernation did not work by default, but it is working using swsuspend2 with some extra tweaks.

  1. First read and follow directions from Matthias Hensler’s website, which has good instruction on how to get software suspend on your computer.
  2. Once you have it installed, edit /etc/hibernate/common.conf, and uncomment the line that says “UnloadAllModules yes”.
  3. Boot using the modified kernel (if you followed Matthias instruction the new kernel should be available in your grub menu)
  4. Hibernate the same way as before. If you boot the with modified kernel, your computer knows to use the new one.

    Mouse Touch Pad was a bit too sensitive out of the box. This can be changed by installing gsynaptics (yum install gsynaptics). You’ll get an extra touchpad setting under Preferences.


    4 thoughts on “Fedora 7 on Dell Inspiron 700m

    1. Hibernation is more of a hardware problem. Should be improving, since there is an effort by the community to document the quirks for each hardware type. As for the screen, it’s wide XVGA, it works for 1024×786 right out of the box.

    2. Thanks for the info on how to get the screen working in native resolution. I would have used 855resolution, but now I know that 915resolution is newer and available through yum.

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